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We live in a world which not all people like the way it is – be it the abuse of nature, the destruction of culture, the wars we are involved in, or the exploitation of people, or be it that life has no value anymore. All this is nurtured by a force, or an energy, present everywhere on our Earth.A loving contribution to the plant world, good thoughts for humanity and positive thoughts for our Mother Earth.

Incense Movement
  But the possibility for a better life does exist, it is enough to understand the principle of dominance.

95 % of humankind consists of followers who have no opinion of their own and only tag along with the prevailing opinion.

If we are more than 2.5% who want another world, we have won.

Every human being (voice) counts.

The negative thoughts are still too strong and we therefore live in a world of suffering and sorrow, to the advantage of the least. voller

If the positive thoughts are strong enough, you will see that something will happen: we will drift towards a world of love and joy for all of humankind, and opportunist people will then be on this side. unserer

As you can see, it is very easy to think positively for the Earth and humankind and then everything will work out for the best. Join our movement and you will have made the first step towards a better future. A plant of Iboza riparia will be the symbol and you will be a part, whether as a passive or active partner – you will be one of us. mit

For more information and information on the incense movement, please download directly as PDF files.

   information sheet-IS en_Incense movement fact sheet V2.0
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   lecture slideset-LS en_Lecture Iboza riparia V2.0

Our thoughts create the world in which we want to live ?!